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Standing at a solid 6’4”, Jack could be considered difficult to miss yet often goes unnoticed because of his reserved nature. His voice is deep without resonating unless he has a reason to raise his volume which is a rare occasion. Even to hail a cab, he whistles or simply raises a hand.

However, he isn’t timid in the least. Eye contact is maintained whenever he speaks. His expression is usually friendly, a soft closed lip grin normally resting on his features when he isn’t concentrating. He appears more serious at work and often considered stoic because of his focus.

Jack loves his job. His work ethic and talent has moved him fast over the years. He finished a graduate degree in the time it takes most to obtain a Bachelors. His career has skyrocketed him between continents and states to currently holding two titles at a prestigious architectural firm.

He does his best not to speak with an accent as a result of being constantly picked at over the years. Some words manage to thwart his efforts and he has an awkward mix of Scottish and Boston lacing his speech. The manner in which he structures his sentences is also more British than American.

Also due to his past, Jack rarely drinks other than a glass of wine/champagne on special occasions. He doesn’t claim sobriety or readily admits much. Unless someone has earned his trust, he gives little detail of his life—particularly his past. He is very private and extends the same courtesy to others.

His social preferences are the quieter locations in the major cities he works in. He prefers quality over quantity in every aspect of his life. Jack doesn’t start anything he can’t finish whether it’s a project at work or dessert. Those traits are also the reason he has stayed away from serious relationships.

Romances aren’t a priority for him, but when he is involved with a woman, she has his complete attention unless she proves unworthy. It’s easy to understand why they are disappointed when the relationship doesn’t progress. The passion he shows seems anything but casual.

The reluctance to get serious stems from the hurt he put his first love through. Jack is loyal and fiercely dedicated so he managed to salvage the friendship with his high school sweetheart. He is careful, even when angry, about saying things he doesn’t mean.

Rarely does he lie, opting to omit the truth instead. He’s a master of evasion unless a mistake has been made. Jack can spare someone’s feelings but takes full responsibility for his errors. His humor is often satirical without it being at the expense of another. He would rather poke fun at himself.

Overall, Jack appears laid back and inconsequential regardless of his size until someone breaks through the surface with him. It takes a lot to provoke him directly, but he is a force to be reckoned with when anyone or thing he cares about suffers.

Family History

Jackie Boy... it was what his father would call him. His parents, Kevin and Rhona Flanagan, never had much in the way of a nickname where they hardly ever used their son's given name to address him. Jack often wondered why they had chosen his name at all.

Named after each of his grandfathers, Jack Ian Flanagan was the pride and joy of his parents. His conception, however, had ended dreams for both of them. Kevin loved Rhona and would not stand for their child to be born out of wedlock. The Kirk was more forgiving than the Pope but he wouldn't shame their families more than they already had. Other than the occasional gig at local pubs, Kevin gave up his dream of being a musician. The loss of one obsession gave way to another and when he wasn't working, he was drinking.

Rhona remained thankful and faithful that Kevin would find his way. She had even attempted, on many occasions, to send the music he wrote to different record companies though her husband gave up hope. It was painful to watch the only man she ever loved become a stranger. Even worse was to watch him take his anger out on the boy he had sacrificed everything for. The abuse was more in words and sentiment (or lack of) than actual strikes but the smacks did happen when a strong willed Jack was trapped at home with his father.

Life was a strange mixture of seeing luxury from the outside. His parents had met as the children of house servants from a long line of servants in Scotland. Once, for royalty. Kevin and Rhona had been gifted to the wealthy son of the family their parents worked for. Their destination was America where Kevin had hoped for his big break. Rhona was only grateful to remain with her love and hoped to see his dreams come to fruition. There was never any doubt they would spend their lives together. It was just supposed to be one different from their parents.

They were not children when birth control failed Rhona. In fact, she had spent three years caring for a baby that her employer adopted as a newborn. A baby that had felt like her own since her choice for a name had been what the new parents ultimately chose. Rhona was released from focused duties within the house to become the au pair of the baby girl while Kevin continued to take care of the grounds. A maid service was cheaper than finding a nanny and trust was already established.

Having her own child was no different than the one she already cared for, much to Jack's dismay. For as long as he could remember, Jackie Boy took the backseat when it came to attention from either of his parents. They had 'duties' and 'responsibilities' that he shared in at a young age. Days may have been spent in the luxurious estate but evenings were in the small cottage on the far end of the property. The home was far from a haven after evening meals. It was as if the small space only worked to remind Kevin of the life he would never have.

Drinking had brought his demise. Kevin had drove home under heavy influence in a downpour. Jack had such a strained relationship with his father that his last words to him had been how he hated him and wished him dead. Words that haunt him to this day. After his father passed, Jack returned to Scotland with his mother for a life he never expected to have. There was peace and all his mother's attention along with that of uncles and aunts, cousins and even grandparents.

The little girl he resented for most of his childhood had three years on Jack and had been gone to boarding school since he was seven. Kevin passed five years later. Rhona still cared for her employer's daughter on all her visits home to include summers and holidays over those years, remaining in touch in the years since. As he grew, Jack recognized that the girl had been nothing but patient and kind to him regardless how he had behaved toward her. What he lacked from his parents had nothing to do with her. In fact, she often had been his only friend.

His mother protected him to the best of her ability and Jack never directed his resentment at her. Although her attention was divided, Rhona had nothing but encouragement and compliments for her son. She was at the opposite spectrum of the treatment he received from his father. Yet the twelve years with the man remained with him for the following twenty. They probably would all his life. He had his father's stature and intensity though Jack carried his mother's patience and protectiveness.

Where his parents were known for their smiles, Jack was known for a more reserved composure. He was also known to be a hard worker. Dependable. Trustworthy. Secretly smart under all his silence. His years of building quietly with Legos to entertain himself without attracting his father's attention eventually paid off. He became a hands-on engineer--an architect who could take a dilapidating structure and make it twice what it was originally. His specialties were ports which brought him from the UK to Australia to New York back to Boston again.

Maybe it was time to make amends with the past. He returned to his place of birth because it was where his career took him, it didn't mean there wasn't something more pulling him there. It was said that you can't know where you're going if you haven't known where you've been. Jack liked to forget his past yet found himself without a clear vision of the future regardless of all the progress he made in the present. Something held him back, and it very well could be what anchored him, was something he hadn't let go.

Mother - Rhona Flanagan ('mum')
Father - Kevin Flanagan (deceased since 1991)
Jack at age 12

Work History

1998-2004 British Army, 16 Air Assault Brigade, Pathfinder Platoon and 5 SCOTS (2000-2002)

The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. 5th Battalion. The Royal Regiment of Scotland (5 SCOTS)

2004-2008 England and Australia – Structural Engineer – City Ports

2008-present William Rawn Associates, Architects, Inc. – Structural Engineer / Architect


2000-2004 University of Cambridge – Masters Degree in Architecture and Urban Design

1998-2000 The Laing O'Rourke Centre for Construction Engineering and Technology at the University of Cambridge

Graduated secondary school with university credits in Glasgow, Scotland after primary school in Boston, Massachusetts.

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