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Eudio Application


AGE: Over 30
CONTACT: PM or [plurk.com profile] dysfunkshunell1
CHARACTERS PLAYED: [personal profile] triplett / [personal profile] derek_morgan / [personal profile] wwvdd


NAME: Jack Flanagan
AGE: 32

INCENTIVE/FIT: Jack was approached by representatives in a hospital his mother was in. She was fighting an aggressive form of cancer and losing the battle. Doctors had given the diagnosis that Rhona Flanagan only had a year to live. Jack did everything in his power to extend that death sentence but his mother’s body couldn’t take another surgery. They were losing the war. Eudio offered what no one else could. He accepted the strange deal with quite a bit of reservations, not that he uttered a word of his hesitation to the reps.

His approach is always careful and calculated. Jack only speaks without thinking in heated moments. He isn’t shy or anti-social but takes his time warming up to those he doesn’t know. The trait only worsens in large crowds where he might give the appearance of a wall flower. A very tall wall flower. He doesn’t want to be the center of attention though when involved romantically, he’s quite a jealous beast. Sleeping with someone doesn’t a romantic entanglement make for Jack. He’s had his share of flings and strictly physical relationships which is his plan for Eudio.

SAMPLES: Link for one and writing sample below...

You seriously want me t'believe that you’ve got the cure for cancer, and all I’ve got to do is touch others for my end of the bargain?

[ Blue eyes stared hard at the individuals in front of him. He was not in any mood to be toyed with. His baritone voice was gruff, an indication of just how tired and frustrated he was. Yet… Jack was fairly gifted at reading others. He could call bullshit a mile away. These two gave no indication of any scam.

A contract was handed over and he raised a brow, certain if there was any catch that he’d find it in the fine print. He roughly ran a hand over his face before focusing to read the document. A female chattered on about contingencies and a strict consensual policy along with a fully staffed police department and medical services but Jack didn’t pull his attention from the paper in hand. He couldn’t find one bloody sentence out of whack with what was promised. Criminy. They were for real. ]

My mum will be cured when I return and no one will know I was even gone a minute. Is this some deal with the devil? [ He raised a hand and waved off his own question. ] Forget that question. I don’t wanna know the answer t'that. It isn’t in the contract so it doesn’t exist. I’ll sign this instant.

[ Strands of hair fell slightly into his eyes which he quickly swept away with one of his large hands. His hair had a habit of falling into his line of sight given his stature and needing to physically look down often toward others. He cleared his throat, feeling some of his accent bled through his words due to his drained state. Jack moved the hand from having pushed hair out of his face to randomly scratching the scruff on his cheek before signing the form. He didn’t bother to glance up when he asked the question… ]

When do I start?


His outlook in life (and habit of touching his facial scruff):

He’s often told to smile:

When someone can’t believe he doesn’t see his resemblance to Thor: "Sorry?"

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